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An eye for global leader potential

We focus on private or public companies in developed markets with minimum equity stakes of CHF 300 million to achieve significant influence. We look particularly at market-leading, non-cyclical businesses, and prefer cash-generative business models. Our objective is to create long-term value, as we have no limit on the holding period.

Companies with a sound corporate culture, a strong management team, and an impressive talent pool have the ability to accelerate growth in revenue and profitability – we look for these traits. We avoid political risk, as well as unethical investments (such as the tobacco or weapons industries).

Investment Criteria

A differentiated, dynamic,

meritocracy-based culture

Our unique entrepreneurial track record demonstrates our ability to build global market leaders: Barry Callebaut (30.1% stake), Jacobs Suchard, Adecco, Infront. High process reliability is ensured by our skilled investment team.

We are committed to investing in long-term success. Our experienced professionals support the implementation of value-creation levers and we ensure unique valuation skills across transaction cycles.

Jacobs Holding has a dynamic, entrepreneurial and meritocracy-based culture, following time-tested, proven values in our portfolio approach. Access and career opportunities are also available within our portfolio companies.

Value Proposition

Our Dream and Values

We aspire to being a top-tier professional investment company focused on value creation through entrepreneurship, bringing together great people who share big dreams, think like owners, act with integrity and strive to unleash their full potential.

Entrepreneurship and Ownership

We are a company of entrepreneurs empowered to think and act like owners, who understand that fact-based, data-driven decisions and risk-taking are the

foundation for success.

Simplicity and Speed

We believe in simple, effective organization and informal, feedback-oriented communication.


We promote a work ethic rooted in excellence, where talent and ability are allowed to flourish and reward is based on merit.


Passion is at the heart of how we operate. We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.

Trust and Accountability

We believe that trust and accountability within the team are paramount principles in linking entrepreneurship to value creation.

Guiding Principles
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