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A legacy of entrepreneurial innovation

We take pride in the Klaus Jacobs story. Building three global industry-leading companies in three different industries, he stands as one of the great entrepreneurs of all time. We build on his knowledge, his principles and his entrepreneurial strategy to further his humanitarian ambitions. 


A series of entrepreneurial activities helped to achieve a solid portfolio performance above our benchmark. Following Klaus Jacobs’credo, Jacobs Holding AG strives to be an active entrepreneur and investor in order to fund the Jacobs Foundation.

Jacobs Foundation

Commitment to social change

Klaus Jacobs’ credo lives on, thanks to Jacobs Holding. As embodied in the Jacobs Foundation, we carry his commitment to social change forward. The Foundation is dedicated to facilitating child and youth development, and is one of the world’s leading charitable foundations. It invests in the future of young people so that they become socially responsible and productive members of society.

In order to achieve this goal, children and youth must be given better opportunities for positive development and equitable access to education. Whatever their background, place of residence or family income, all children should have the chance to reach their full potential.

In honor of its founder, the Jacobs Foundation has, since 2009, awarded two annual prizes, endowed with CHF 1.2 million, for exceptional achievements in research and practice in the field of child and youth development.

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